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Hi, I'm Josiah and I'm 21. I'm just never able to find a comprehensive list of ALL of Adam Young's music, so here's my documnetation. I will not post many downloads since they are available plenty of other places. Please just treat my site as a checklist. My good friend Anna's site can provide you with great links to downloads of his rare songs. So click on her link to see those. My face. My other blog Adam's side project page can be found here too. Thanks for stopping by Hoot Owls. I love you all. Also I'm very friendly if you just need to talk. - JF
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The three original submissions to Owl City by Gediminas Pranckevicius. The first two were old pieces he had sitting around and third he was almost done with for another project but decided to alter it for the Owl City poster contest, so he just added the the words “midsummer station”.  Sadly the third submission could not be used on the album art, but I think it should be used in promotional stuff more. 

Gediminas said on his entry, “Very first goal was to create artwork for exhibition ”Perpetumobile’. Then I saw this contest and created this adaptation. Hope you like it :) Original picture you can find here: www.gedomenas.com In future I have plans to animate this small island :)”